Searching for Truth in the Garden of Truth and Lies
Searching for Truth in the Garden of Truth and Lies

Leap Year Hoax by the Pope Grigori Calendar

In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII ordered the implementation of the Gregorian Calender.  To put Easter back where it belonged he just shortened the year by 10 days.  The last day of the Julian calendar was October 4, 1582 and the first day of the Gregorian calendar was October 15, 1582.  As a result, Easter happened 10 days earlier the next year when compared to solar events like the spring equinox.  This of course created havoc for historians because some countries adopted the Gregorian calendar right away and others waited.  To correctly document historical events near the time of transition, the historian must determine which calendar the historical document is referring to. Total chaos it seems


We must be real lost sheep to go year after year going along with this leap year hoax. I doubt anyone has ever experience anything other than a perfect 24 hour day. Pope Grigori was trying to hide the Enoch Calendar of 364 perfect days in YHWH's perfect divisible by 7 year with one extra day at zero point on day number 365 before cycling through the next 364. All the ancient societies knew there 365 days in a Solar Cycle. They were trying to keep us from observing YHWH's Holy Convocations. The Devil seeks to change Times and Law. Thanks Pope Grigori for reminding us who you serve.



Here's the Biggest Lie ever


1 And again those men led me away to the western parts, and showed me six great gates open corresponding to the eastern gates, opposite to where the sun sets, according to the number of the days three hundred and sixty−five and a quarter. Secrets of the Book of Enoch Chapter 14


Why does it matter?


YHWH's Holy days on the proper day is the answer. However there is more.


Why do the Fallen Grigori keep this silly calendar of Pope Gregory? Because the Omegas wouldn't keep their order on the second day of Creation. This is why the Angels told Enoch they are YHWH's apostates. These beautiful singers can't keep YHWH's Holy days so they don't want the Alphas and Betas to keep them either. They are your accusers so if you go to there Churches and keep their unlawful Holy days they will witness against you.


How I figured out the Lie will be the big Mystery I'll save for my face to face.

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Feasts of Barley, Grapes and Oil after fasting 49 days can sins be forgiven?
RH- negative means having no common ancestor with the Rhesus Monkey. No animal genes passed like a virus from the O+ children of Fallen Angels.
The 7 Thunders: Seven congregations and one SynaGOGue of Satan
5 pointed star (5th Heaven) image is worship of Zeus and 6 pointed star is worship of Mercury (6th Heaven)
The secret God of Christianity is Mars. The SynaGOGue of Satan
Mars is Satan and less than a 1,000 miles away. When Mars passes in front of the Moon it will turn reddish.
Mars (3rd Heaven) between the earth (1st Heaven) and the Moon (4th Heaven) causes Blood Moons.
Venus is in the shape of flat disc seen from the bottom darker than Earthly darkness according to Enoch.
Venus causing eclipse of the Sun
The Sun has 4 paths & 6 gates causing seasons & long Arctic summers & winters. This is the relationship between the Sun and the Moon.
This Image illustrates the movement of the Sun & Moon. Notice Antarctica is the frozen outer ring holds the water in. The firmament is solid ice.
The Hebrews received their promised land from YHWH but the tall white children of Og the Giant have been loosed in their land.
Scotland is the only country in Europe that didn't expel the Jews, fulfilling Japheth's Betas living in the tents of Shem's Alphas.
Only if the Hebrews were willing to bend a knee to Caeser and assimilate could stay in Europe. Many moved out of Rome's Beast boundaries to Asareth, the new world.
Omega blood walking flesh Serpents and their demon Scorpion spirits punish YAHqob's Alpha progeny that don't faithfully keep YHWH's Law
James Adair's book from 1775 calling the American Indians the lost Tribes of YAHqob' namesake. Hebrews but Jews came later fulfilling Japheth living in tents of Shem.
Melungeons and Indians - Anatolian Bump A-'s Children of YAHqob. People of color now fully blended with Satan's white DNA.
The Nikolaos Churches of Satan's false doctrines & breaking of YHWH's Law will lead those who follow into outer darkness.
Symbolic ride: YAHudah's asses colt Shela, 3rd son of ShuWAH's daughter, Ha WAH's (Eve) Beta progeny, House of YAHudah B-'s are the descendants of Ashkenaz Japheth's grandson.
Lot's Ammorite & Moabite children are the O- descendants of which Ruth, David's great Grand-mother belonged. They are the Church of Pergamum. YHWH said he would not destroy those found to be righteous.
The earth is not a globe because it's flat with a glass dome over it with water above the firmament & the abyss below it.
NASA's and Kubrick faked the Lunar Landing because we live in a fish bowl. No one gets out without YHWH's permission. If YHWH wouldn't let the Babylonians go to Heaven what makes you think he feels different about Americans.
The 4 seasons are determined by the 6 gates the Sun travels. Closer to the North gives those countries nearer to the center longer days & further the center pole causes shorter.
All sickness and disease comes from invisible demons. You break YHWH's Law you must suffer something at their hands. Once they possess you they can talk in your ear and make you believe they are you. Revelation 9 calls them Scorpions.
The Serpents of Revelation 9 are the walking flesh demons of Jubilees 10 with authority to hurt anyone breaking YHWH's Law. Can we know who they are today?
The U. S. government's original slogan and flag. These public servants of servants are Ham & his accursed Canaan's progeny.
The Woman into the Wilderness beginning March 23 2016
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