Searching for Truth in the Garden of Truth and Lies
Searching for Truth in the Garden of Truth and Lies

Fallen Grigori are descendants of Kain before and Ham after the Flood

O-  (Omega) Fallen Grigori


O- Blood Type: and what it means spiritually – Omega 3rd Thunder


O negative according to the Church of Pergamum in the 7 Churches of Revelation are interpreted as Fallen Angels. Progeny of ha Wah (Eve) and Satan (XES) – Cain and the Grigori before flood – Ham and Lot’s Daughters after the flood.


Pergamum – United by Marriage and Purgatory’s secret – Fallen Angel Hybrids receive Eve’s RH- blood


  1. The Grigori dwell in purgatory on Venus & Satan’s Seat is: planet X (XES/Zeus –Jupiter).
  2. Has those that didn’t deny YAHshuWah’s NAME nor the prophecy of him even when Herod Antipas slew John the Baptist amongst them in Satan’s abode (Machaerus, Moab)
  3. Against Them: Doctrine of eating yeast, animal flesh and fermented alcohol.
  4. & Beautiful fair Daughters of Moab (Lot’s hybrid progeny) trading unlawful sexual favors (Sodomy - Harlotry) learned in Sodom & Gomorrah made doctrine of war by Balaam.
  5. & Has them that hold to the doctrine of the Nike Laitans - evangelists of Zeus- XES (evils agent) Nike (Goddess of Victory) Laitans - clergy  
  6. The overcomers will eat manna and receive a new name because Zeus’ name will be forgotten. Hosea 2:16

Do you taste, smell and hear things others do not? Can you easily sense when people lie to you? Are you a loving but easily moved to jealousy? Are you especially gifted at pleasing your lover? Do you rarely say you’re sorry for anything and hold a grudge? Do you lose fights or altercations? Do you have a green thumb? Do bad things happen to those who oppose you without lifting a hand?


Famous O-‘s: Cain, Ham, Bythia, Rahab, Elijah, Ruth, Bathsheba,  John the Baptist.


12, And to the angel of the in Pergamos assembly write! Thus says the one having the broadsword double-edged sharp.     13, I know your works, and where you dwell, where the throne of Satan is ; and you hold my name, and denied not the belief of me in the days in which Antipas witness my trustworthy was , who was killed  among you, where Satan dwells.     14, But I have against you a little. That you have there ones holding the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to throw an obstacle before the sons of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit harlotry.     15, So have also you ones holding the teaching of the Nicolaitans in like manner.     16, Repent! But if not, I come to you quickly. And I shall wage war with them by the broadsword of my mouth     17, The one having an ear, hear what the spirit says to the assemblies! To the one overcoming I shall give to him to eat from the manna being hid; and I will give to him small stone a white, and upon the small stone name a new being written, which no one knew except the one receiving.


Here's the connection: Adam was to rule this world but when asked to bow down to him Satan refused saying “this newly created being was younger than I” and he would not do it even at the behest of Michael. Satan set out to take Adam’s throne which he managed to do by seducing Adam’s wife Eve but did not touch Adam.  The result was Eve’s first Child Cain would rule over all Adam and Eve’s children but Cain became wrathful when his younger step brother’s offering was accepted but not his. When Abel explained to Cain that his offering wasn’t accepted because his heart wasn’t pure Cain struck him down. Abel knew Cain was eating his sheep because Cain was clothed in their pelts.


So what is the purpose of this Biblical story?

Satan and his Angels, the Grigori from planet X (XES-Zeus/Jupiter) fell because they didn’t keep their Heavenly ORDER on the 2nd day of Creation. They traded their Heavenly abode to take Adam’s throne. They did so through sexual intercourse with woman. They became locked into flesh bodies because of their coveting women. They also created an addition race of Hybrids that were blended with animals. Adam & Eve’s progeny are of like kind with Angels because of Eve’s RH- blood but not of the animal kind so these children of Angels and women, blended with animals became the Giants of Enoch- Gen. 6:4. Part Angel part animal and called Demons. They were so wicked YHWH was forced to judge them and the Angels before the flood.  The Grigori and their Giant children have fooled the world today into breaking YHWH’s provision for food on the first page of the Christian Bible. While the Grigori Angels have not been welcome in Heaven since their fall, Moses did raise them up at Exodus. The Messiah confirmed this when he raised Lazarus. The Qumran Essenes were a great example of these O-‘s who had turned back to YHWH. They will share in the resurrection but only by bending a knee to YAHshuWAH. 

The Dragon wholly seduces ha WAH (Eve)

6 And the woman beheld Sammael, the angel of death, and was afraid; yet she knew that the tree was good to eat, and that it was medicine for the enlightenment of the eyes, and a desirable tree by means of which to understand. And she took of its fruit, and did eat; and she gave to her husband with her, and he did eat (animal flesh). Gen.3 Palestine Bible


1 And Adam knew ha WAH (Eve) his wife, who had desired the Angel; and she conceived, and bare Kain; and she said, I have acquired a man, the Angel of the Lord. 2 And she added to bear from her husband Adam his twin, even Habel. And Habel was a shepherd of the flock, but Kain was a man working in the earth. Gen. 4 Palestine Bible

Am I my brother's keeper

3 And it was at the end of days, on the fourteenth of Nisan, that Kain brought of the produce of the earth, the seed of cotton (or line), an oblation of first things before the Lord; 4 and Habel brought of the firstlings of the flock, and of their fat; and it was pleasing before the Lord, and He gave (His) countenance to Habel and to his oblation;

5 but to Kain and to his oblation He gave no countenance. And Kain was angered greatly, and the features of his face were downcast.

6 And the Lord said to Kain, Why hast thou anger, and why are the features of thy face downcast?

7 If thou doest thy work well, will not thy guilt be forgiven thee? But if thou doest not thy work well in this world, thy sin is retained unto the day of the great judgment, and at the doors of thy heart lieth thy sin. And into thy hand have I delivered the power over evil passion, and unto thee shall be the inclination thereof, that thou mayest have authority over it to become righteous, or to sin.

8 And Kain said to Habel his brother, Come, and let us two go forth into the field. And it was that when they two had gone forth into the field, Kain answered and said to Habel, I perceive that the world was created in goodness, but it is not governed (or conducted) according to the fruit of good works, for there is respect to persons in judgment; therefore it is that thy offering was accepted, and mine not accepted with good will. Habel answered and said to Kain, In goodness was the world created, and according to the fruit of good works is it governed; and there is no respect of persons in judgment; but because the fruits of my works were better than thine, my oblation, before thine, hath been accepted with good will. Kain answered and said to Habel, There is neither judgment nor Judge, nor another world; nor will good reward be given to the righteous, nor vengeance be taken of the wicked. And Habel answered and said to Kain, There is a judgment, and there is a Judge; and there is another world, and a good reward given to the righteous, and vengeance taken of the wicked. And because of these words they had contention upon the face of the field; and Kain arose against Habel his brother, and drave a stone into his forehead, and killed him.

9 And the Lord said to Kain, Where is Habel thy brother? And he said, I know not; am I the keeper of my brother?

10 And He said, What hast thou done? The voice of the bloods of the murder of thy brother which are swallowed up in the sod, crieth before Me from the earth.

11 And now because thou hast killed him, thou art cursed from the earth, which hath opened the mouth, and received the bloods of thy brother from thy hand.

12 When thou tillest the earth, it shall not add to give strength to its fruits for thee. A wanderer and an exile shalt thou be in the earth.

13 And Kain said before the Lord, More heavy is my rebellion than can be borne (away). Yet is there power before Thee to forgive it.

14 Behold, Thou hast cast me forth to-day from the face of the earth, and from before Thee is it possible to be hidden? And because I am a wanderer and an exile in the earth, any just one who findeth me will kill me.

15 And the Lord said to him, Behold now, any one who killeth Kain, unto seven generations vengeance shall be taken of him. And the Lord sealed upon the face of Kain the mark of the Name great and honourable, that any one who might find him should not kill him when he saw it upon him. Genesis 4 Palestine Bible

The Grigori teach worship of Zeus, Mars & Venus

The Grigori are the fallen Angels known as YHWH's apostates because they did not stand in their Order on the 5th Heaven (planet Zeus). Satanil their Prince wanted to place his throne above the clouds of Earth and be equal in YHWH's power. 


I created the orders of the incorporeal ten troops of angels, & their weapons are fiery & their raiment a burning flame, & I commanded that EACH ONE SHOULD STAND IN HIS ORDER. & ONE OF THEM from OUT OF THE ORDER OF ANGELS, having TURNED AWAY with THE ORDER that was UNDER HIM, conceived an impossible thought, to place his throne higher than the clouds above the earth  [Venus the 2nd Heaven- darker than Earthly darkness],  that he might become equal in rank to my power. & I threw him out from the height [Jupiter-Zeus] with his angels, & he was flying in the air continuously above the bottomless [Abyss].  Secret Book of Enoch 29

The Grigori are YHWH's apostates


Notice the so called Apostle Paul teaches grace which is another way to say license to sin against YHWH's Law. Exactly what James warned against. Those who follow him do it there way.



those men took me and led me up on to the second heaven (Venus), & SHOWED ME DARKNESS, GREATER THAN EARTHLY DARKNESS, & there I saw prisoners hanging, watched, awaiting the great & boundless judgment, & these angels were dark-looking, more than earthly darkness, & incessantly making weeping through all hours  & I said to the men who were with me: Wherefore are these incessantly tortured? They answered me: THESE ARE GOD"S APOSTATES, who obeyed not God’s commands, but took counsel with their own will, & turned away with their prince, who also is fastened on the fifth heaven (Zeus-Jupiter). Enoch 7

The Zeus Venus Connection 


THE men took me on to the 5th heaven [Jupiter-Zeus] & placed me, & there I saw many & countless soldiers, called Grigori, of human appearance, & their size was greater than that of great giants & their faces withered, & the silence of their mouths perpetual, & there was no service on the 5th heaven, & I said to the men who were with me: Wherefore are these very withered & their faces melancholy, & their mouths silent, & wherefore is there no service on this heaven?  And they said to me: These are the Grigori, who with their prince Satanail rejected the Lord of light, & after them are those who are held IN GREAT DARKNESS on the 2nd heaven [Venus] & 3 of them went down on to earth from the Lord's throne, to the place Ermon, & broke through their vows on the shoulder of the hill Ermon & saw the daughters of men how good they are, & took to themselves wives, & befouled the earth with their deeds, who in all times of their age made lawlessness & mixing (of Species), & giants are born & marvellous big men & great enmity. & therefore God judged them with great judgment, & they weep for their brethren & they will be punished on the Lord’s great day. 2 Enoch 18


What is Satanil Doing to mankind?


the DEVIL understood that I wanted to create another world, because Adam was lord on earth, to rule & control it. The DEVIL is the evil spirit of the lower places, as a fugitive he made Sotona (feminine) from the heavens as HIS NAME WAS SATANIL, thus he became different from the angels,  but his nature did not change his intelligence as far as his understanding of righteous & sinful things. & he understood his condemnation & the sin which he sinned before (Out of Order- Creation day 2), therefore he concieved thought against Adam, in such form he entered & seduced Eva (B's), but did not touch Adam (A's). The Book of Enoch's Secrets


Let's Recap: Satan the Devil is Prince of the Grigori. Original sin - They wouldn't keep their Heavenly Order on day 2 of Creation. They were giant soldier angels from Planet Zeus (Jupiter) & explains why they call YAHshuWAH  jeZeus.  They took up wives so their family must encarnate here on Earth with little chance ascending back. The offending Angels were imprisoned on Venus. They are God's apostates & do not conduct truthful worship service of YHWH.

Satan is bent on Crashing Heaven's Gate but must descend


And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.  Rev 20:1


Satan (XES- Zeus) makes war on the A's and B's of Adam and ha Wah's (Eve) progeny


The Grigori from planet Zeus- Jupiter are those who descended from Heaven lost their their estate all to plague Adam and ha Wah's children. Why? 


11.2 She (Eve) cried out, saying: "Woe to you, Devil. For what reason do you fight against us? What concern do you have with us? What have we done to you that you should persecute us so grievously? Why does your malice extend to us?

11.3 Did we ever take your glory from you or cause you to be without honor? Why do you persecute us, O enemy, impiously and jealously unto death?"

12.1 Groaning, the Devil said: "O Adam, all my enmity, jealousy, and resentment is towards you, since on account of you I was expelled and alienated from my glory, which I had in heaven in the midst of the angels. On account of you I was cast out upon the earth."

12.2 Adam answered: "What have I done to you?

12.3 What fault do I have against you? Since you have not been harmed nor injured by us, why do you persecute us?"

13.1 The Devil answered: "Adam what are you saying to me? On account of you I was cast out from heaven.

13.2 When you were formed, I was cast out from the face of God and was sent forth from the company of the angels. When God blew into you the breath of life and your countenance and likeness were made in the image of God, Michael led you and made you worship in the sight of God. The Lord God then said: 'Behold, Adam, I have made you in our image and likeness.'

14.1 Having gone forth Michael called all the angels saying: 'Worship the image of the Lord God, just as the Lord God has commanded.'

14.2 Michael himself worshipped first then he called me and said: 'Worship the image of God YHWH.'

14.3 I answered: 'I do not have it within me to worship Adam.' When Michael compelled me to worship, I said to him: 'Why do you compel me? I will not worship him who is lower and posterior to me. I am prior to that creature. Before he was made, I had already been made. He ought to worship me.'

15.1 Hearing this, other angels who were under me were unwilling to worship him.

15.2 Michael said: 'Worship the image of God. If you do not worship, the Lord God will grow angry with you.' 

15.3 said: 'If he grows angry with me, I will place my seat above the stars of heaven and I will be like the Most High.'

16.1 Then the Lord God grew angry with me and sent me forth with my angels from our glory. On account of you we were expelled from our dwelling into this world and cast out upon the earth.

16.2 Immediately we were in grief, since we had been despoiled of so much glory,

16.3 and we grieved to see you in such a great happiness of delights. 16:4 By a trick I cheated your wife and caused you to be expelled through her from the delights of your happiness, just as I had been expelled from my glory."

17.1 Hearing this, Adam cried out with a great shout because of the Devil, and said: "O Lord my God, in your hands is my life. Make this adversary of mine be far from me, who seeks to ruin my soul. Give me his glory which he himself lost."

17.2 Immediately the Devil no longer appeared to him.

From the Life of Adam and Eve

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Feasts of Barley, Grapes and Oil after fasting 49 days can sins be forgiven?
RH- negative means having no common ancestor with the Rhesus Monkey. No animal genes passed like a virus from the O+ children of Fallen Angels.
The 7 Thunders: Seven congregations and one SynaGOGue of Satan
5 pointed star (5th Heaven) image is worship of Zeus and 6 pointed star is worship of Mercury (6th Heaven)
The secret God of Christianity is Mars. The SynaGOGue of Satan
Mars is Satan and less than a 1,000 miles away. When Mars passes in front of the Moon it will turn reddish.
Mars (3rd Heaven) between the earth (1st Heaven) and the Moon (4th Heaven) causes Blood Moons.
Venus is in the shape of flat disc seen from the bottom darker than Earthly darkness according to Enoch.
Venus causing eclipse of the Sun
The Sun has 4 paths & 6 gates causing seasons & long Arctic summers & winters. This is the relationship between the Sun and the Moon.
This Image illustrates the movement of the Sun & Moon. Notice Antarctica is the frozen outer ring holds the water in. The firmament is solid ice.
The Hebrews received their promised land from YHWH but the tall white children of Og the Giant have been loosed in their land.
Scotland is the only country in Europe that didn't expel the Jews, fulfilling Japheth's Betas living in the tents of Shem's Alphas.
Only if the Hebrews were willing to bend a knee to Caeser and assimilate could stay in Europe. Many moved out of Rome's Beast boundaries to Asareth, the new world.
Omega blood walking flesh Serpents and their demon Scorpion spirits punish YAHqob's Alpha progeny that don't faithfully keep YHWH's Law
James Adair's book from 1775 calling the American Indians the lost Tribes of YAHqob' namesake. Hebrews but Jews came later fulfilling Japheth living in tents of Shem.
Melungeons and Indians - Anatolian Bump A-'s Children of YAHqob. People of color now fully blended with Satan's white DNA.
The Nikolaos Churches of Satan's false doctrines & breaking of YHWH's Law will lead those who follow into outer darkness.
Symbolic ride: YAHudah's asses colt Shela, 3rd son of ShuWAH's daughter, Ha WAH's (Eve) Beta progeny, House of YAHudah B-'s are the descendants of Ashkenaz Japheth's grandson.
Lot's Ammorite & Moabite children are the O- descendants of which Ruth, David's great Grand-mother belonged. They are the Church of Pergamum. YHWH said he would not destroy those found to be righteous.
The earth is not a globe because it's flat with a glass dome over it with water above the firmament & the abyss below it.
NASA's and Kubrick faked the Lunar Landing because we live in a fish bowl. No one gets out without YHWH's permission. If YHWH wouldn't let the Babylonians go to Heaven what makes you think he feels different about Americans.
The 4 seasons are determined by the 6 gates the Sun travels. Closer to the North gives those countries nearer to the center longer days & further the center pole causes shorter.
All sickness and disease comes from invisible demons. You break YHWH's Law you must suffer something at their hands. Once they possess you they can talk in your ear and make you believe they are you. Revelation 9 calls them Scorpions.
The Serpents of Revelation 9 are the walking flesh demons of Jubilees 10 with authority to hurt anyone breaking YHWH's Law. Can we know who they are today?
The U. S. government's original slogan and flag. These public servants of servants are Ham & his accursed Canaan's progeny.
The Woman into the Wilderness beginning March 23 2016
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